Client Corner: Joe Densieski, Wastewater Works, Inc.

joedensieskiName: Joe Densieski

Residence: Riverhead

Mission: To clean Long Island’s water of nitrates and other pollutants

Status: Launching “green,” cost-effective home wastewater treatment system

Partners: Hydro-Action Industries (manufacturer); Eco Supply Company (local distributor)

Lifelong resident Joe Densieski remembers many childhood days of camping and swimming at East End beaches. His experience as a landscaper, excavator and national environmental remediator made him aware of the increasing pollution of groundwater and waterways, and he was eager to do something about it. He has worked for the Riverhead Sewer Department for the past five years.

While at work, Joe learned about a Suffolk County pilot program to develop new wastewater treatment technology for Long Island homes. Over 350,000 of Suffolk County homes are not sewered or treated. They send their wastewater into ground septic systems. The sandy soil is not enough to filter the water, resulting in more algae blooms, fish kills and unhealthy levels of nitrates in drinking water. Joe applied as one of four enterprises willing to donate time, systems and maintenance to the test program — building his business from the ground up.

Today, Joe’s work with Hydro-Action Industries has led to a cost-effective solution for new construction and home retrofits. The “Aerobic Onsite Wastewater Treatment System” is an alternative to septic systems. It safely treats water to achieve well below the standard of under 19 mg per liter of nitrates (his system consistently reduces nitrates to 12 mg per liter). As a regional representative and concerned resident, he is promoting the product to contractors, architects and homeowners. Systems can be installed now.

“All of my experience as an entrepreneur has led to this opportunity. The money is coming out of my own pocket to build this business, and choosing Markowitz, Fenelon & Bank as my CPA was the best decision I’ve ever made. They have supported me on every step over the past two to three years.”

We congratulate Joe on this worthy enterprise to support the health and beauty of Long Island’s water.

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